Girl at Willow Tree Learning Center in Uniontown, PA


Toys used by Willow Tree Learning Center in Uniontown, PA

Our Childcare Programs Provide Consistency & Structure

Our professional teachers take care of all of the essential needs of the infants and children in our care. The majority of our children’s parents are educators and we have a well-rounded, pleasant group every year. Our essential childcare programs have been developed to provide your child with the safe yet stimulating structure to reassure him or her that his or her critical needs will be met at all times and that he or she can depend on a consistent response every time.
Aside from our academic and basic hygiene/potty training programs, we also provide a comprehensive healthy meal and discipline program for our students. Our children bring us great joy and we are confident that you and your child will enjoy the Willow Tree Learning Center, Inc. Experience.
Toys used by Willow Tree Learning Center in Uniontown, PA

Our Children Enjoy the Delicious & Nutritious Meal Program

Nutrition is very important to your child’s development. We attempt to include the following items in the creative meals we provide:
  • DAIRY (milk, cheese, etc.)
  • PROTEINS (poultry, meats, fish, & beans)
  • GRAINS (bread, pasta, cereal, rice, etc.)
Please list all food allergies on your child's Emergency Contact/Parental Consent Form.
We serve breakfast:
BREAKFAST: 9:00AM - 9:30AM
LUNCH: 12:30PM - 1:15PM
(for Toddlers & Preschoolers)
(for After School Children)

Positive Disciplinary Program at Willow Tree Learning Center, Inc.

The teachers of Willow Tree Learning Center, Inc. are dedicated to providing a safe yet stimulating and creative educational environment for your children. Our teachers help guide and redirect children in order to help them have a positive and pleasant educational experience. This will be accomplished by the following:
  • 1. Teachers will use positive language to give praise for appropriate behavior
  • 2. Teachers will use positive redirection. His/her attention will be directed to another area or activity.
  • 3. Teachers will give 3 verbal warning in an attempt to decrease negative behavior. Then the child will be removed from the area that is stimulating the behaviors. Teachers will explain to the child why his/her behaviors were inappropriate.
  • 4. After exhausting the first 3 methods, teachers will implement usage of the "time-out" or "take a break" chair. While taking this break, the child and teacher will discuss multiple creative solutions to divert future unsatisfactory behavior.
  • 5. If any child continues to have consistent difficulties with his or her behavior and the above steps have been exhausted, the director of the center will consult with the child's parents in an attempt to find a healthy solution.
  • 6. Any form of physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse will not be tolerated at Willow Tree Learning Center, Inc. Please be informed that it is against the law to abuse a child.
Contact Willow Tree Learning Center, Inc. with any questions that you may have at (724) 439-0110.